3 Simple Ways To Stop Holiday Overeating

Stop the Holiday Overeating that sabotages your diet and weigh loss efforts

Published on 18 December 2013

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by Todd Stofka


Philadelphia, PA

Stop Holiday Weight Gain Stop Holiday Overeating Todd Stofka Named Best Quit Smoking Hypnosis Coach
Stop Holiday Weight Gain

Holiday overeating is so easy to do, isn't it? There seems to be delicious high calorie food everywhere from Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, and New Years to office parties, church celebrations, family gatherings and the list goes on.

Todd Stofka of Philly Hypnosis Performance says, "We have been taught to celebrate with more. We have been brainwashed to believe that holidays are about overeating and drinking to excess. How often do you gauge the success of a party or event by the food and drink you consumed?" It seems we are just bombarded with the temptations of food and drink.

Ask yourself, "Are you eating to celebrate or are you celebrating to eat?"  Make this year different.  Take control by following these 3 Simple Ways to Stop Holiday Overeating:

1. Imagine or visualize in advance a strategy to stop overeating.

See your healthy body in your mind's eye enjoying friends and family by absorbing yourself in conversation, fun, games, and just the magic of the holiday.  Food and drinks can compliment the holiday and not dominate it.

2. Give yourself some treats.

Depriving yourself of your favorite treats can set you up for overeating later. Choose the smallest plate and cut your treat in half.  Then enjoy every bite.  Leave the rest for someone else to wear around their middle.

3. Eat slowly and mindfully.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to know when you are full is to eat slowly. Use all your sensory awareness while chewing the food.  Take the time to enjoy what you are eating.

Hypnosis to help stop your holiday overeating

Hypnosis comes to the rescue by giving you control over the quantity of food and drink that you consume.  It relaxes your body and focuses your mind on the event not the food and drink. You will then focus on what you really want - to stop the holiday overeating.

"Stop the Holiday Overeating" recording has been tested by hundreds of private clients, who have successfully taken back the control of their overeating during holidays, vacations and even cruises. They maintain control of their weight loss program and most have continued to lose weight during this time.

Regrets are for "other" people.  Act now!  It's your turn to take back your body over the holidays.

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Posted 2013-12-18 15:32:00