When Was Your Last Hearing Test?

Hearing tests aren't just important for grade-schoolers or people with hearing loss; They matter for everyone at all ages; Find out how a hearing test can help you now and in the future

Published on 30 December 2013

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Fairfax, VA

Most of us got our hearing tested when we were in grade school, and haven’t had it tested since. We get our teeth cleaned at the dentist, our eyes checked at the optometrist, and our general health checked by our family physician. And yet, we seem to have forgotten to test the sense that keeps us connected to our family and friends, helps us stay engaged at work, and helps us stay active and involved in the things we love – our hearing!

What Is A Baseline Hearing Test?

Just like you get your eyes checked and your teeth checked, it is important to have your ears checked once a year by an audiologist. A baseline hearing test is important because it will tell your audiologist where your hearing is now, and any changes to your hearing will be easy to detect if and when they happen. Having a baseline test will help paint a better picture of what you’re dealing with if hearing loss occurs.

Questions At A Baseline Hearing Test

Most hearing tests will begin with questions about your ear health and how well you hear now, including:

  • Do you have any difficulty hearing?
  • Are you exposed to loud sounds daily?
  • Do your ears ring?
  • Do you have problems with dizziness or balance?
  • Do you have trouble following conversations in noisy rooms?

Medications Can Affect Your Hearing

You will be asked about any medications you are taking, because certain prescription and over-the-counter medications can diminish your hearing.

Different Hearing Tests

The audiologist will also perform different hearing tests on you, including an air conduction test and a bone conduction test.

  • Air Conduction Test - An air conduction test involves sitting in a quiet booth with earphones playing tones in each ear. You will simply indicate when you hear a tone in each ear, and the audiologist will be able to determine the softest tones you can hear.
  • Bone conduction Test - A bone conduction test is similar to an air conduction test, except the tones are sent to a device that is placed behind your hear, so they go straight to the inner ear and bypass the outer and middle ear.

Audiogram Shows Hearing Test Results

The results of these tests are plotted on an audiogram, which is a graphic representation of how well you hear. This baseline audiogram will be used at each visit to see if your hearing has diminished, how severe the hearing loss is, and what type of hearing loss you may have.

A baseline hearing test is simple and painless, and it's the starting point to healthy hearing for years to come.

Schedule a Baseline Hearing Test Today

Contact a professional, experienced audiologist to schedule a hearing test today, and help ensure a lifetime of healthy, happy hearing.

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