Epicura Home Reveals Halloween Recipes Using Silicone Baking Mats

Published on 23 December 2013

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by Katie Townes


Los Angeles, CA

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Epicura Silicone Baking Mat

In a press conference held at the headquarters of Epicura Home last October 12, 2013, Spokesperson Katie Townes shared some recipes that are best suited for Halloween. This is to kick-start the month with recipe ideas for every season using innovative Silicone Baking Mats. She dealt on tips in using the mat for baking and creative ideas for Halloween.   

Halloween is celebrated on the evening of October 31st where children and even adults dress up using fictional characters and scary monsters. It is also called All Hollow’s Eve and is known worldwide. In fact, though it came from western regions of the world, it is now celebrated globally.    

“Halloween is a very special day for children and we, in Epicura Home, want to make it extra special. These recipes would be best for children and they’ll surely love them. Our silicone baking mats will make cooking of these dishes faster and better,” explained Katie Townes.      

She shared the recipes which can be cooked using silicone baking mats. The recipes include healthier Halloween sugar cookies and savoury pumpkin hummus. These two recipes are healthy, scrumptious and easy to prepare.      

Healthier Halloween sugar cookies are best sellers for children. It is soft, chewy and can be designed with sugar frosting shaped into webs, spiders and bats. It just needs the right amount of ingredients, silicone baking mats and a preheated oven.    

Children are fond of colourful, creative and delicious cookies especially which contain Halloween-themed designs. The lemony flavour of the cookies adds a twist and it is healthier for it contains whole grains. Using silicone baking mats makes it easier to cook for the heat distribution is equal and it does not stick unto the pan’s surface.

Savoury pumpkin hummus is also easy to prepare. The needed ingredients are just pita crisps and pumpkin puree. The pita crisps are baked on the silicone baking mats to achieve the desired crispiness and the pumpkin puree is processed with other ingredients. It is served with the crisps dipped in the hummus for that Halloween pumpkin flavor.    

Aside from giving the children a taste of what Halloween is all about, these recipes are healthy. Savoury pumpkin hummus contains Vitamin A from the pumpkin which aids in skin and eye health.    

Baking sheets help in preparing these recipes the easy way. Also, cleaning up is a breeze because of their non-stick properties. It is reusable so it eliminates the need for parchment papers and aluminium foils.    

Silicone baking mats suitable this Halloween are now available in Amazon.

Epicura Home Products specialized in modern yet useful home, garden and kitchen gadgets.  These silicone based kitchen products including the Silicone Non Stick Baking Mat has been proven to be safe. They are non-stick and a pleasure to work with. They can handle extreme temperatures and very easy to clean.


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Posted 2013-12-23 14:29:00