Epicura Skin Discloses Ways To Prevent Dark Circles Under Eyes

Published on 19 December 2013

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by Mia Townes


Los Angeles, CA

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Epicura Skin Eye Promise

In a recently concluded press conference at the Epicura Skin Laboratory in Los Angeles, California last October 8, 2013, Spokesperson Mia Townes revealed ways on how to prevent dark circles under the eyes. She discussed the causes and the natural treatments effective in reducing dark circles. She eventually cited reasons why Eye Promise anti-aging eye serum is an effective remedy.  

Dark circles around the eye area are one of the most common predicaments women face today. Dermatologists say that it is one of the major complaints they hear from women of any age. Premature aging is the culprit in the emergence of dark circles. 

The skin around the eye area is susceptible to pigmentation and wrinkles. Further, the eye area is prone to wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. The dermatologists added that the skin around the area is thin and delicate so it is easily damaged.

Wrinkles are caused by loss of collagen and subcutaneous fat around the eyes as people age. Eye puffiness is caused by fluid build-up while dark circles are caused by excessive pigmentation and increased blood flow.  

According to Mia Townes, there are many natural ways on how to prevent dark circles and eye puffiness. She discussed three key elements to remember. These entail addressing the causes, having natural remedies and considering cosmetic solutions.   

There are various causes of dark circles. One of the major causes is lack of sleep. Lack of sleep makes the skin paler, causing the eye area puffiness more noticeable. Getting plenty of sleep and rest would surely help in reducing dark circles and eye puffiness.   

Another cause is cigarette smoking. Smoking causes many circulation problems, making the vessels bluer under the skin. Since the skin around the eye areas is thin, veins become noticeable.    

Eating a bad diet triggering vitamin and water deficiencies is another cause of skin problems. Hence, drinking a lot of water and making sure a balanced diet is consumed, according to Mia Townes, will surely battle dark circles.

The second key element encompasses natural remedies good for reducing dark circles. Using cucumber slices is one of the most common natural solutions known to many.     

Also, applying cool tea bags can help reduce puffiness and dark circles. The tannin content in tea bags helps reduce discoloration and alleviate puffiness. Saline solutions are also effective nasal congestions and it pulls out the fluid from the eyes.     

The last key element is using cosmetic solutions. Applying eye creams can help reduce dark circles. In fact, Eye Promise anti-aging eye cream contains Tetrapeptide and Vitamin C which are good for wrinkles and dark circles. It further contains antioxidants for better skin health.    

“By remembering these three elements, these skin problems will be reduced, if not eradicated.. Using Eye Promise will accelerate the process,” added Mia Townes.    

Epicura Skin’s Eye Promise is an innovative anti-aging eye cream that combats premature signs of aging at the most vulnerable body part. It is now available online via Amazon with discounts for customers.

Epicura Skin offers the latest in research to provide the very best anti aging products to men and women.  Our newest product is the Eye Promise anti aging eye cream which can reverse the effects of aging in your eyes area.  It's science that works like magic.


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Posted 2013-12-19 08:47:00