Epicura Home Celebrates World Food Day Through Free Seminar For Customers

Published on 25 December 2013

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by Katie Townes


Los Angeles, CA

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Epicura Home Products

Epicura Home conducted a free seminar on baking basics as the company celebrated World Food Day last October 16, 2013, in Los Angeles, California. The said seminar discussed about tips on the basics of baking for beginners. Twenty lucky participants took home Silicone Baking Mats as raffle prizes. 

Baking has been one of the booming business ventures in the recent years. Many are interested in learning the basics for personal reasons and for some, for business purposes. It is now considered as the new kitchen trend for all ages.

Baking is not an easy task where people just read the recipe and do what it says. Usually, it entails skills and knowledge too. There are tips discussed in the seminar which can definitely help the beginner-bakers.

First, the bakers should prepare the recipes and analyse what needs to be done. This will help to avoid forgetting or skipping tools, ingredients or steps in the procedure. Reading the procedures more than once can help.

After exploring the recipe and the steps, pull out all the tools and ingredients to be used. The tools and ingredients should be complete. It is a terrible mistake to prepare or bake and realize in the middle of the procedure that some ingredients have been missed out. 

Properly prepare baking sheets and pans. Using silicone baking pans will aid in baking as no parchment papers are needed. It will save time cleaning the pans after baking.

Preheating the oven is a key step in baking. It will cook the food better and easier. Also, there should be two types of measuring tools in the kitchen, one for liquid ingredients and another one for dry ones.  

They were taught on the importance of sifting dry ingredients too. It is needed to improve the texture of the baked goods and to avoid lumps in the pastry. 

Also, they discussed that the recipes should be followed properly and appropriately. The bakers should follow combining the recipes according to the instructions stated. This will avoid ruining the pastry and to make sure it will turn out fine.    

Lastly, it is very important to set a timer. This can be done when the batter is in the oven. It will make sure it will cook well and it will not turn out burned.    

“Baking is an enjoyable activity and most beginners should be equipped with the basics. This will help them become good bakers in the future,” stated Katie Townes, Spokesperson of Epicura Home.     

The participants were also given discount coupons when they avail one necessity in the kitchen, the silicone baking mats. These baking sheets will help make baking easy and hassle-free. 

These baking mats are now available in Amazon with an affordable price.

Epicura Home Products specialized in modern yet useful home, garden and kitchen gadgets.  These silicone based kitchen products including the Silicone Non Stick Baking Mat has been proven to be safe. They are non-stick and a pleasure to work with. They can handle extreme temperatures and very easy to clean.


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Posted 2013-12-25 16:24:00