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Sample Press CardApply for your International  WireNews+Co Press Agency card today!

International Press Cards #PressCards, issued on payment of the annual fee, are available to all journalists, including reporters, editors, photo-journalists and online publishers and/or bloggers who have registered with WireNews+Co.

Member/Press Cards include the:

  • Journalist's Photo
  • Journalist's Address
  • Journalist's Citizenship
  • Journalist's Date of Birth; and
  • Journalist's Signature (Reverse)
WireNews+Co International Press Cards are an excellent form of identification that will instantly identify the carrier as a respected member of the media.


  1. Head and shoulder's (passport type) photo
  2. Full Name
  3. Postal Address
  4. Citizenship
  5. Date of Birth; and
  6. Payment of fee (see below)

How to get your press pass?

Step 1: Register online (see Accreditation below)
Step 2: Select currency and type of card and make payment
Step 3: Send us passport-type photo and requested details by email
Step 4: Press card posted to you


You may qualify for a press pass if you have journalistic experience including the following activities:

  • Fair Visits
  • Press or Media Photographer
  • Event Reporter
  • Writing Blogs (Blogger)
  • Freelance Cameraman
  • Internet Radio (editorial)
  • Publicity in the Club
  • Research Journalist
  • Press Activity (Volunteering )
  • Travel Reporter
  • Cinema or Theatre Critic
  • Work in Advertising or PR
  • Local News Reporter
  • Free Copywriter
  • Online Editor

No monthly fees, no sign-up fees, no setup costs: Our International press card programme is affordable and we offer an extension of validity periods from 1-year to a Lifetime membership. Letters confirming accreditation are provided electronically without additional charge to any venue or oranisation requiring additional confirmation.

To apply for your International Press Card the first step is to register with WireNews+Co as a journalist.




Membership *

£20.00 £60.00 £80.00 £500.00
Register Today! Register Today! Register Today! Register Today!

* You will receive a new card every 2 years on request (free of charge) and you can pay in any of the 25 currencies accepted by our payments processor — using credit or debit card or American Express and even direct debit

If you're already registered with WireNews+Co then simply login to your account and click the Press Card link on the right hand side of the login area. Once you have paid for your press card, send us an email with your photo and other details as required and we will process your request and send you your press card. Allow 28 days for delivery of your printed card.

To apply for your International Press Card the first step is to register with WireNews+Co as a journalist.

Recognition Scheme

If you own or operate a newspaper, radio station or TV network why not provide your reporters or correspondents with an affordable press card? WireNews+Co will emboss your company's logo on the face and reverse (along with ours) of our standard press card and deliver them to your employees for less than you might think. For more information contact us by email.

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