Relief Is Here: hihip Helps You Maintain Proper Posture At All Times

hihip, a product designed to give women proper posture in their everyday lives, is now available to Australians nationwide; Improving one's posture is vital for the health

Published on 02 December 2013

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by Press Office

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Baulkham Hills, NSW

hihip ™, a product designed to give women proper posture in their everyday lives, is now available to Australians nationwide. Improving one’s posture is vital for a woman’s health. Developing proper posture can allow customer to avoid pain developing in the hips and back. Hihip is designed to naturally remedy back and hip pain through constant use by gently correcting posture problems and aligning your spine. Regardless of your level of physical activity, hihip can help you be able to accomplish more. Whether you’re trying to improve your posture because you work all day or because you just had a baby or experience hip pain during pregnancy, the hihip works to improve your posture even while sitting.

"We're thrilled to be able to offer the relief hihip brings to people across Australia, said founder Stephen Gilmore. "Everyone-- young and old, active or recovering from an injury-- can benefit from hihip's posture corrective properties."

Hihip helps equally distributing the weight throughout your hip area

hihip helps you to correct your posture when you’re sitting at your desk or at the table, or just relaxing in a chair. This item works by equally distributing the weight throughout your hip area. By keeping your skeletal structure aligned, it helps avoid lines and wrinkles from developing and promotes healthy pelvis development. hihip is particularly beneficial for women who have recently given birth. Childbirth can often twist or misalign a woman’s pelvis and it can take a long time for a woman to get her pelvis realigned and in the proper position in line with spine and legs again. The use of hihip can assist get new mothers feeling better than they did before the baby! The product is also great for women looking to relieve back and hip pain and get back to being fit and healthy again by adding 15 to 30 minutes of sitting on your hihip to supplement working out more.

hihip is for Everyone from 15 to 60!

hihip can be especially useful for older women to improve their posture so they can avoid humps or other back problems related to bad posture. It’s also particularly beneficial for office workers who sit for a long period of time. hihip users can promote healthy pelvis structure without doing any physical work at all; a student or anyone else who sits for long periods of time can reap similar benefits from the hihip.

The vibratory massage and heating functions that are built into hihip will ensure that muscle tension is reduced and will also ease those terrible cramps and pains that are part of every womans month.

hihip was developed for all women between the ages of 15 to 60 to help them develop better posture. A great deal of research went into the design of hihip in order to provide the best treatment for solving back and hip problems related to pelvis twisting and malfunction.


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Posted 2013-12-02 11:05:00