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WireNews+Co was founded by a small group of journalists, who are on a mission: Press Release Distribution. Click here for more information about WireNews+Co's other activities.

We know press release distribution — we know what works and we know what doesn't work and we're constantly re-defining that distinction.

Like newspapers of old, WireNews+Co delivers an effective and informative media vehicle that presents important information to the right audience. Stop Broadcasting. Communicate. ™

Professional press release distribution constitutes an important facet of any company's marketing strategy. Whether you're announcing a new product, disclosing earnings reports, issuing profit warnings, or announcing the appointment of key staff, getting the best placement for your media will have a significant impact on your company's most precious asset — its reputation.

The correct placement of your media is our primary objective at WireNews+Co. The timely, accurate, delivery of your press release combined with a compelling message ensures that your media receives the attention it deserves.

WireNews+Co adheres to very strict guidelines for the publication of your media and press releases. Please refer to our ToS and Submission Guidelines before you post your media.

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As demand for online daily news stories and corporate media (press releases) continues to grow, major portals and websites have turned to WireNews+Co as a credible source for top stories, op-ed content, corporate news and information their visitors can trust – published as it’s happening and updated continuously. For more information click here

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Some like to call it 'citizen journalism', but we're really looking for professionals (paid and unpaid). If you'd like to write for WireNews+Co, to contribute your op-ed (opinion) pieces for publication, click here to find out how you can get started today!

Journalists are invited to register for free to receive timely PR notifications by email. If you're registered with WireNews+Co you can apply for and obtain an International Press Card.

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